Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ding Dong Song

"Ohhh, you touched my tra-la-la."
This last recommendation is A MUST, because it's so wonderfully silly. There's so much about this song and performer that give me reason to question if he takes this seriously while simultaneously giving me reason to doubt my doubt.

Style: Euphemistically Silly, Overtly Sexual, Eurotrash
Artist: Günther and the Sunshine Girls
Album: Pleasure Man
Song: Ding Dong Song
Youtubable?: Definitely!!
Karaoke Difficulty: Literally Harder to Steal Candy From a Baby. The physical effort to steal candy from a baby is pretty low, and in that light then singing this song is harder. But! The emotional barrier to literally stealing candy from a baby makes singing this song, to a room full of friends and drunk stranger, much easier.
Overall Rating: Hilarious, and good to hilarious at your friends with
Ability to Cross the Line: Imminent Line Crossing Even with Close Friends
Follow Up Tracks: "Teeny Weeny String bikini" & "Touch Me"
Does Günther's Pencil Mustache make a difference?: Undoubtedly. Tell me you can't unsee that. 

This song will get stuck in your head, trust me. This stickiness is achieved through a few features: the breathy speaking in Sister Christian 80's style, backup singers incessantly singing a 4 bar refrain of induced super happy funtime la-la-las, and the ultra repetitiveness of simple musical passages. 
Look up Brett Domino, on YouTube, for instructions on how to make a pop song. This song follows that pattern. 

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