Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angry White Boy Polka

Tonight's recommendation is a B-side from a less popular Weird Al album...
Album: Poodle Hat
Song: Angry White Boy Polka
Required listening before appreciating this song:
Late 90's to early 00's pop music.
This song is ridiculously catching and also ridiculously well performed. Once you get past the standard polka instrumentation, you'll hear a band that performs tight and fast without missing a beat. You'll also hear complex chords and well mixed vocals, listen especially for the bass voice around 1:40 and how it syncs and harmonizes perfectly with Weird Al (i now believe this to be a vocal track laid down in post mixing. Please weigh in with your opinion!). It also spans a variety of genres in five minutes while being both entertaining and humorous. One favorite thing is how the song demonstrates that some lyrics fall completely apart with a less dramatic presentation and musical arrangement. As silly as this song is, the musicians and production is top notch.

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