Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In My Defence, Who Wants to Live Forever in Barcelona

"I'm just a singer with a song. How can I try to right the wrong? For just a singer with a melody. I'm caught in between with a fading dream."


Song: "In My Defence," "Barcelona" and "Who Wants to Live Forever"
Albums: The Very Best of Freddie Mercury, A Kind of Magic
Artists: Freddie Mercury, Queen
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Opera
Released: 2006 & 1986
Recorded: 1973 - 1988
Youtubeable ?: Of course.
Karaoke Difficulty: Are you smoking the Crack Pipe?!?! Oh... you are? Well, have at it!... ... No, second thought. Don't. Just... don't. Even if you're as good as Jewel, singing Jewel songs, at karaoke... don't do it.
Listenable?: Absolutely! Repeatedly
Popularity: I don't know anyone else talking about, or recommending these songs, so as of 2015 I can't say they're popular. Of the three, the most popular is "Who Wants to Live Forever" because it came from the film of the name "Highlander"
Notable Songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are the Champions, Who Wants to Live Forever, Under Pressure

Freddie Mercury proves, like few others ever could, that singing something makes words into something more than just speaking them aloud every could. It's not that the truthfulness of the statement is in anyway enhanced but instead it breaks through personal barriers and opens us up to empathy for others where perhaps we wouldn't have it before. Singing shows us that feeling. We can feel it by hearing it, the roiling heartache or love or pride. Simple language requires so many words to recreate the depths of feelings that a single, great singer infuses into a simple sentence. "I love you." This becomes so much more than the mere three words that deliver the power and emotion of a singer's true intent. This is art, being able to say so much in so little.
These three songs show how brilliant his voice and performances are.

In My Defence

When the song first starts, I keep having to remind myself that I like this song because it starts too slow and dainty for my tastes. It all changes at 38 seconds in when Freddie kicks in with his signature power vocals and is soon backed up by the rock power of Queen. This is definitely a love ballad, but perhaps a ballad about love and faith that's been lost or forgotten. Underlying the strength of Mr. Mercury's vocals, is an acceptance with sadness and without bitterness which creates a powerful contrast.
You know what? Just listen to a great song.


This is the real, hidden gem of the post and is easily a song that I can listen to, on repeat, for hours, or even a whole day of work - and I've done it more than once.The song begins with a power chord, made entirely of Freddie Mercury vocals, which is awesome. At about 50 seconds in, the song picks up its heavy orchestral theme, and it becomes clear that this song is unlike most you've heard... probably.
Just before the two minute mark, the duet begins between Freddie and Montserrat Caballé. From this point on, the duet of two extremely different voices takes the listener to rarely heard, musical moments. Freddie's power vocals and masculine bravado balanced against Ms. Caballé's florid, sweet and rqually strong vocals, creates a unique and wonderful performance.

Who Wants to Live Forever

This song was a last minute addition but it fits perfectly with the theme: Freddie Mercury had amazing vocals and created beautiful songs to showcase his talent.
You may recognize this from the movie Highlander.
It's a rare song that can be so sad and yet so beautiful that I want to listen to it again and again. So much emotion was sewn into the fiber of this performance, these words and orchestration that it will long be a song worth playing, discussing and sharing with friends.

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