Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bone Tired

The song: "Bone Tired"
Artist: "Gomez"
Tonight's recommendation is smooth, mellow and manages to find the quick in my nerves and release the fibers of tension. This is a simple and melodic piece; get ready to replay it though because it's so short. What most fascinates me about this song are the layers of harmonies that create a distinct track. This is a rare piece because even the lead vocal is sung so soothingly that is becomes an instrument more than a message carrier. In fact, after having listened to this song over 700 times, I still can't tell you what the song is about because the words lose themselves in the singing, an effect only strengthened by the mixing that blends the vocals as a supporting or subordinate track to the instrumentation. The effect is altogether amazing as the song transports me immediately to a very quiet place, and I am peaceful.
Genre: Rock, but very, very mellow rock.
Karaoke Difficulty: Lyrically easy, vocally difficult but doable. Good luck finding it for karaoke though.
Playlist: this is in the "Greatest Tracks/Recordings" playlist. Y'know, the playlist where every song is perfect.

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