Monday, September 8, 2014

Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown LA


Song: Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown LA
Album: Certified Air Raid Material
Artist: edIT
Genre: electronic
Released: 2007
Youtubeable ?: Definitely!

Karaoke Difficulty:Ummmmm...
  • are you entering a dance off?
  • Is it on?
  • Is it going down?
  • Hast thou been served?
If any of these scenarios are happening then you're not in Karaoke-Kansas anymore. You're about to lose your life, or take someone else's, in a no holds barred dance off. Prepare to get mime-shivved by a competing dancer. In other words... You can't sing to a song that has no lyrics. Just dance.
Listenable ?: Yup, when coding or dancing or speeding down the interstate, at night, in a dramatic reenactment of a 20 something coming of age story.
Popularity:Not very, unfortunately.
Tempo:mid 90's, allegretto
Notable Song(s) by Artist: this one

This song is all about dancing: good, old fashioned, down home, rump shakin'. If you're budonkadonk isn't moving, you're on the wrong song. There're no lyrics worth mentioning as they play a very minor role in the song. Most of the song is straight up dag-nasty grinding! I want to turn this song up and hit some dance clubs. It's fast, hard and will keep you moving. But, don't take my word for it. Check out the dance group Les Twins:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Punch In Punch Out

Great, short song with an uncommon arrangement: vocals and drums. There aren't too many songs that are just the vocals and drums. Usually, it's the drums that are the first thing dropped when a vocalist wants to get serious, moody, dramatic or soloist with a piece. But here, the strong, gruff male voice works very well with the dynamic rhythm section - of drums. 

Song: Punch In Punch Out
Album: American Standard
Artist: Seven Mary Three
Genre: Rock
Released: 1995 
Karaoke Difficulty: Easy and fun. It's a little repetitive so it may get boring for you and your audience.
YouTubeable ?:punch in punch out - 7m3 - with lyrics
Listenable ?: Highly
Popularity: unknown...
Tempo and Time Signature: 120 bpm, once it gets going at stage 2 (1:08), and a touch under 60 for the soft intro, stage 1. The whole song seems to be in 4/4.
Notable Song(s) by Artist:

  • Cumbersome - American Standard
  • Water's Edge - American Standard

It starts out...
Gentle male voice, clearly with more ferocity laden in the timbre of his vocals chords but not yet unleashed. 

What it's about...
A working man working hard; a blue collar anthem. 

Why it's awesome...
Lyrically - it's a great take on the blue collar anthem. Oddly, too many blue collar anthems become overly sappy or self agrandizing: "I'm a simple man who asks for nothing, but look how amazing I am because I can suffer through life and therefore am better than other people because I can really, really suffer."
This song however, in a few simple lines, gets across how hard a working life is without any of the self-referential aggrandizement or comparisons of amount of suffering to other people who have it better than they do (ie. it's not about them against 'the man' or 'yuppies' or any socioeconomic group that they want to be in but aren't). Example Lyrics:
"I wake up to beat the sun from her glory. I'm only one cigarette away from mobility."
"it's always punch in punch out, go to work and go back home."

Musically - Love this song because of the strength and control of the male vocalist and the drummer. The song breaks down into five sections:
1) Solo vocals. Soft and slow. 
2) 1:08... Powerful vocals and drums kick in with steady bass and snare. The drummer is rolling the snare and accenting constantly (so much fun to listen to because it's rhythmically complex, which is uncommon for most popular and it's similar to some drumline style riffs. 
3) 1:53... Same vocals... Drums shift to added toms
4) 2:07... Same vocals. Drums add greater tom rhythm and slowly drop snare
5) 2:25... Same vocals. Drums are all toms and base now, no snare for the finale.