Reader Requests

Hey there!

Welcome to the internet. Stick around for a while, once you leave this page, the internet gets a lot weirder; it's a Fact! (This weird link is totally safe for work. this weird link is NSFWork). In fact, in order to entice you to stick around, I'd love to know what music you love. Leave your requested music in comments below and I'll start checking out the requests as I get a chance. Just know that if I don't in fact  review a song it's probably in fact because of one of the following reasons:

  • Jet packs
  • Aliens
  • I didn't like the song
  • My back log of music to write up is longer every day
  • Jet pack powered Jet Packs
  • Red Meat (literally, having this for dinner right now)
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Family Events
  • Burrito Thursday
  • Pizza Friday
  • Burrito Pizza Monday
  • Pizza Steak Wednesday
  • Doughnut Sunday
  • Pizza Doughnut Turducken Steak Saturday
  • Chatting with Chewbacca
So! Request! Request! Request!!!!

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